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Bathroom Accessories: 1 bathroom, 3 completely different looks

If you don't have the biggest budget to spend; You can still transform your bathroom space with accessories. We will show 1 small bathroom how it can be given 3 completely different looks.

In these uncertain times, it's no surprise that many of us are holding on tight to our old buckle wires. Once you are satisfied with the main elements such as the bathroom, toilet and sink, you can refresh your bathroom space with a new color scheme, walls, floors and accessories. This will cost less than a new suite, plus it will be something you can easily do yourself without having to call the pros.

To show you how easy it is to make, we've come up with 3 completely different looks in 1 small bathroom.

Fresh idea for summer

Our first look is to bring sunshine to your bathroom all year round, not just during the summer.

fresh idea for summer | Grandpa Shower

Thin yellow painted wall and light blue shower wall panels We have created a fresh and cheerful bathroom with Also, thanks to the shell effect motif, you can further enhance the theme and you can create a coastal style bathroom .

The light wood effect flooring is made of laminate that is easy to install and easy to clean. We completed the look with a selection of matching light blue accessories, a bamboo duck board and a large-area mirror. Everything is tied together by the blue towel.

A little bit of a luxury idea

We really love this second look, not with its most sophisticated style. With stone wall panels freely used around the room, including behind the toilet and basin, it gives a true luxury edge and an almost seamless look.

A little bit of a luxury idea | Grandpa Shower

A trendy bathroom color rhubarb red dye, creates a warm and welcoming feel and is reflected in the selection of towels and bath mats. Meanwhile, to add sparkle to this design, we added a luxurious mirror with a frame, plus hammered metal accessories that reflect light to great effect. Installing white tile effect vinyl flooring is quick and easy to complete the look.

A contemporary spa idea

Even in an average bathroom, you can recreate that spa feeling with the right colors, patterns and accessories.

Idea for a contemporary spa | Grandpa Shower

Our third bathroom look is ultra-contemporary with a simple gray color palette. Herringbone pattern shower wall panels offer on-trend design without having to spend additional time and money on tiles, and the wood-effect base adds warmth to the treatments.

Wall-mounted accessories bring a touch of classicism, while we've separated the flat surfaces with texture, using bath sheets and towels. Minimalist in its approach, this relaxed and calming environment is perfect for unwinding after a long and hard day.

Solutions for your bathroom and shower areas continue at Dede Dusk!

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