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Shower Cabin Buying Guide

shower enclosures It comes in a wide variety of styles, so choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. But fear not; We'll help you decide which shower enclosure is best suited for your bathroom, by explaining the options for your s perm. 

Here is our Buying Guide for Shower Enclosures!

Sliding door shower cabin system;

It is a classic design, as a popular option in many bathrooms. As the name suggests, this type of system features a sliding door mechanism that opens smoothly within the cabinet without affecting the rest of the bathroom.

Sliding shower enclosures are available in different sizes so you can choose one that fits your space. A sliding door shower enclosure is useful in smaller bathrooms that do not have space to open out, such as a door.

Sliding shower cabin models:

Hinged door shower cabin system;

It is a simple option with a modern look. The simple, hinged door action means the door opens outwards into the bathroom. This provides ample space to get in and out of the shower and gives the cabin a spacious feel. However, it can affect the space in your bathroom, so it's important to measure carefully to ensure your bathroom has enough room for the door to open. Therefore, it is a better option for those with larger bathrooms.

Hinged shower cabin models:

folding door shower cabin system;

It is a great space-saving, smart solution for small bathrooms. The door folds into itself inside the shower stall, so it doesn't block the rest of the bathroom. Perfect for fitting into small spaces, the smart series shower enclosure comes in a variety of sizes.

Compact shower cabin systems;

It is an all-in-one, enclosed unit that will meet all your bathroom needs.

With a 1st class acrylic surface, the side walls and ceiling are closed, you do not need wall and joint insulation, and it offers a definite solution to water leaks. Enjoy the benefits of a sealed shower enclosure. Easy to install, sealed shower enclosures and partitions are designed so that they cannot leak easily.

Massage jets are the perfect solution for you to get rid of the tiredness of the day and the week with the digital panel radio of your choice, the ambiance you want and the steam generator.

Compact shower cabin models:

  • Compact shower cabin ; you can choose a boat or a bathtub; oval, asymmetrical, square or rectangular, depending on your location; It is a complete system where you can add a standard, digital and steam generator.
  • compact jacuzzi ; It is a system with a jacuzzi added to the comfort of a compact shower cabin.
  • compact sauna ; It is a perfect solution that offers both the comfort of a sauna and the comfort of a shower cabin.

Solutions for your bathroom and shower areas continue at Dede Dusk!

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