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Planning a master bathroom

In terms of comfort, the en-suite bathroom is a must. It is one of the most practical additions you can make to your home by providing your own private shelter, just steps from your bed.

Whether you're looking to update a tired old ensuite or build one from scratch, this expert planning guide will show you everything you need to consider.


If you have a large room where you want to add an en-suite, it may be as simple as separating a partition with a screen wall to create a separate space. Although when we say "simple" there are of course all the plumbing, ventilation and electrical connections to consider. A new stud wall can actually be incorporated into the rest of your design, providing the ideal spot for wall-mounted faucets, storage channels or a wall-hung toilet and a concealed water tank.

But if you can also just create a small ensuite bathroom, frosted design sliding glass panels can work creatively. Because when they are closed, they let in the light. The folding doors also protect your privacy and can be reopened when not in use to expand the free space in the room.

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Shower cabin

With en-suite bathrooms often complementing an existing master bathroom, there is usually no need for a second bathroom and in many cases a space-saving shower cabin preferable.

For smaller parents, you can use its entire width at one end of your room to take your shower. In this case, you will only need a shower door, shower tray and tile to accompany your shower. It can offer a wide range of flexibility for rooms of all sizes.

en-suite bathroom and hinged shower cabin

Eye delusion

Since en suites are usually small, you'll want to use every detail in the bathroom to make it look bigger. For solid walls, you can always cover them with a large mirror to maximize light, or add bright white or pale colored tiles as part of the overall design to provide a strong focal point.

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Strangely, a high ceiling in a small space can make you feel more enclosed, so you may need to plan for a lowered or suspended ceiling. However, it can give more opportunity to use different lighting effects, such as halogen spots that illuminate like daylight, to give it a more natural feel.


The smaller the space, the more important it is to use storage solutions creatively. One makeup unit Ideal when they combine form and function, combining a basin with a useful storage area. Taking everything one step further, Narrow bathroom furniture such as a combination unit, It offers maximum storage for minimum floor space.

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Mix and Match

By choosing pieces to match your own design ideas, you can create an ensuite bathroom that either stands out as a contemporary shower stall spot or fits into an overall scheme. you choose faucets as simple as any that sink ultra-modern look because you can add , A lot assorted bathroom faucets You can choose something stylish and contemporary like

en-suite bathroom and sliding shower cabin | grandpa shower

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