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Replacing your bathtub with a shower cabin

Replacing your bathroom with an accessible and stylish shower stall is easier than you think. Especially if you follow our expert advice below.

Why should you replace your bathroom with a shower?

While many of us still love our bathroom (and it's just as beautiful) hot tubs who will argue ?), An increasing number of people prefer to completely demolish the jacuzzi and bathtubs and take a shower instead. As no small part of the busy life we ​​lead, many people find that a quick shower is both efficient and refreshing, and saves water.

Many of us believe that a bathroom is a must-have when selling your property, but After talking to many real estate agents later will have no real impact on your selling price. You can easily reassemble a bathroom if you plan to move.

Replacing your old bathroom for a sparkling new shower enclosure is a relatively simple task that can be completed over the course of a weekend.

Here's how to replace your bathroom with a shower cabin

1. Measure your bathroom and check your plumbing

A lot rectangular shower cabin Designed to fit the footprint of a standard flat bathroom. Simply measure yours to find the right measurements. In most cases, all the pipes will be at one end of your bath tub, which will help re-plumb your shower tray and shower. If you are unsure about anything related to the plumbing, you can consult a plumber.

measure your bathroom and look at your plumbing | Grandpa Shower

2. Get inspiration and advice from us

To our blog posts , through the eyes of the new expert bathroom tips And shower cabin Take a look at our designs. It can also help reduce the overall cost of this project. A lot opportunity and discount you will find .

get inspiration and advice from us | Grandpa Shower

3. Choose a shower stall

Most not forgetting important footprint measurements for your favorite rectangular shower cabin choose . All our shower enclosures can be easily installed with generous adjustments to the outside of actual walls. Many come with matching accessories for the perfect fit.

choose your shower cabin | Grandpa Shower

4. Choose your shower fixture

When it comes to choosing a shower stall, there really is an option for everyone. Sliding shower cabins with polystyrene glass  from economical shower cabins such as 6mm tempered glass stainless shower cabin to elite series shower cabins. , you will discover the perfect shower enclosure that fits your needs. Now check out all our shower areas .

choose your shower fixture | Grandpa Shower

5. Choose your wall covering

The interior walls in your shower stall will require additional protection against splashing water. While tiles and marbles are a popular choice, a growing number of bathroom buyers are instead of prefers wall panels . Shower wall panels, which can be installed faster and easier than tiles, offer a flawless appearance in various colors and patterns. They can be installed directly over existing wall coverings and may prove to be more cost effective than tiles.

choose your wall covering | Grandpa Shower

6. Add the finishing touches

For maximum effect, with minimum effort, your shower to complete quality bathroom accessories choose . For shampoos and toiletries, a wall-hung storage space will help cut down on clutter.

7. Smooth delivery

When you complete your purchase, your products will be brought directly to your home for assembly by our expert team. 

Fast our delivery learn more about .

8. Assembly and installation

Our expert team will complete the product you have purchased for conversion from a bathroom that does not suit your needs to a shower cabin.

Replacing your bathtub with a shower cabin | Grandpa Shower Replacing your bathtub with a shower cabin | Grandpa Shower

Solutions for your bathroom and shower areas continue at Dede Dusk!

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