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Add elegance to your bathroom with magnificent marbles

A smooth and sophisticated marble is guaranteed to bring a real touch of luxury to any bathroom. We'll show you how to add elegance with marble products, as well as cost-effective ways to fake the look. 

If you have paid attention to geology classes, you will know that marble is a rock that is often used as a building material and used for sculptures. While marble comes in a range of colors from pure white to black, the typical veins and markings you see are caused by mineral impurities such as iron oxides, sand and silt, giving each piece of marble a unique character. Turkey, Italy, China and India lead the way in marble supply by producing almost half of the world's supply.

Products with marble, with its reputation for luxury, cost more than other materials, so many people exclude it completely when renovating their bathroom. However, there are some ways to cut the cost of adding original marble to your bathroom, and easy ways to mimic its look without spoiling it.

bathroom design with marble walls | Grandpa Shower

What are the benefits of using marble in your bathroom ?

With a smooth, glossy surface that reflects light, marble will create a super luxurious look, especially when paired with gold-coloured faucets, showers or accessories.

Although it can be easily used to create a contemporary setting, marble also has a classic edge. This versatility means it can also be used in traditional bathrooms. It can be easily applied to any design that complements a wide and varied range of natural materials, especially wood.

Tactile and long-lasting marble needs to be handled with care, but it can give you years of use.

Although marble has long been used in luxury bathrooms, it is emerging as a trendy material for use in everyday homes. This is because of the increased use of patterns and textures in home interiors.

For natural and organic baths true, there is an increasing trend and marble perfectly contribute to this look with unique patterns and textures created by nature.

Finally, with a smooth and intricate finish, marble is ideal for minimalist bathrooms and helps you reproduce that spa style in your own home.

aged wooden cabinet and marble sink design | Grandpa Shower

Where can marble be used?

While a full marble bathroom is the patroness of the rich and famous, there is a quick and easy way to incorporate this luxury material into your bathroom design.

A simple addition could be a marble sink. Whether you prefer a countertop or vanity unit design, marble will provide an eye-catching feature every time you wash it.

If you're working on a much tighter budget but still want to feel luxurious, Marble accessories are relatively inexpensive and can be used to add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom.

white marble bathroom accessories | Grandpa Shower

Working with marble effect materials

Of course, using marble in your bathroom can be incredibly expensive, especially if you're working from wall to floor reach. Fortunately, there are some low-cost methods where you can be as “fake” as the looks and are just as effective as the real thing.

Tile is a popular and durable wall and floor covering choice for bathrooms, and you'll find faux marble tile designs in a variety of colors. laminate flooring and countertops for built-in bathroom furniture, Also available in various marble effect designs.

marble effect bathroom walls | Grandpa Shower

Shower wall panels are a better choice, especially if you want to marble your entire bathroom. The wall panels are available in a wide variety of faux marble patterns and colors, from black to white, and are quick and easy to install. They can be used around your bathroom for an all-around bathroom look, even by covering bathroom panels. It is also low maintenance, hygienic and easy to clean, providing a striking visual element.

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