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5 Year Warranty

With 3 layers of fiber and polyester reinforcement made after normal production, we provide a 5-Year Warranty for all our Waterway products with all accessories special for you !

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Why should I choose Waterway products?

Waterway 5 YEARS Warranty

Waterway produces its products normally and we do not offer a 2 year warranty like other products on the market. Because special for you, by adding 3 times more fiber and polyester to your products, we give a 5 Year Warranty for all the products you will buy (acrylic bathtub and all accessories)!

Waterway SPA Massage Pools

In Waterway SPA Massage Pools , acrylic plates imported from America, in different color and pattern harmonies, extremely hygienic and do not lose color over time, are used. In addition to their features such as keeping heat for a long time and absorbing sound waves, these plates also have a structure that is not fragile and is not easily scratched. Behind the acrylic plate is glass fiber and polyester reinforcement. Afterwards, the seat and base parts are subjected to a special strengthening process and the body strength that will serve you for many years has been reached.

Steel construction is used in Waterway SPA Massage Pools, unlike their counterparts. Since elegance is kept in the foreground, it stays behind the wooden panel of the pool and is not visible. Long-lasting against corrosion as it is covered with hot galvanized. In this way, maximum usage time is ensured.

The geyser effect blower system is at your disposal to give your body a perfect hydrotherapy. Extremely sanitary bath water is obtained with special filtration elements and is kept at the desired temperature thanks to this water heater system. Underwater lighting (chromatherapy), which you can choose in different colors, creates a perfect visual environment and adds color to your massage pleasure.

Moreover, thanks to the electronic control panel, you can control all functions with one touch. Luxury at your fingertips…

Carefully designed accessories complete your comfort and convenience.

Wooden panels and other wooden accessories that add visual integrity to Waterway SPA Massage Pools and make them a harmonious part of the gardens are obtained by processing from carefully selected, water-resistant, knot-free trees. When you wish, you will have an indispensable entertainment with gazebo, stair step, bar and stools.

In addition, the installation of Waterway SPA Massage Pools is very practical, concrete, mortar, dust, etc. No construction or labor required. Waterway SPA Massage Pools, which take air and water from nature and combine them with technology, are the perfect recipe after a busy and stressful day...

Waterway Compact Cabins

Waterway Compact Cabins offer sauna comfort in your bathrooms by blending high-tech electronic equipment and details thought out to the smallest detail.

Hand shower and head shower are standard in all Waterway Compact Cabins . If you wish, you can add to your luxury by choosing a hydromassage system compatible with the compact...

You can control the digital thermometer designed for user comfort, FM Radio, CD connection, hands-free telephone, cabin temperature setting, steam time setting, ozone sterilization and many other features with just one touch of electronic control.

Waterway Compact Cabins accelerate your blood circulation and the removal of toxins in your body. You feel the physical and therapeutic effects of water, steam and air throughout your body.

Waterway Compact Cabins help you to get rid of the stress of working all day, mental fatigue and the effects of heavy work on the nervous system.

Waterway Tubs

Waterway Bathtubs with a rich product range in almost all sizes and dimensions; It winks at your bathrooms with its unique design, quality and very reasonable prices.

Waterway Bathtubs are produced in 3 different forms as rectangular, oval and special bathtubs, and in 2 different classes as normal (55cm. height) and mini bathtub (43cm. height)...

According to the characteristics of the bathtubs, 10 different hydromassage systems can be applied.

It is also possible to add a more pleasant appearance to your bathtub with the rich accessories that you can use optionally.

The biggest feature of Waterway Bathtubs is; It is the line that is sharply separated from the bathtubs, which are frequently seen in the market, produced using very thin acrylic or cheap-short-life polyester-polystyrene mixed plate in their body.

There are glass fiber and polyester reinforcements under the Waterway Tubs . The seat and base parts are reinforced with chipboard.

Waterway Shock Showers

Waterway Shock Showers, which you can use on bathtubs and shower trays, provide a silky touch to your skin with 8 directional shock jets.

With the functional hand shower, the contact of the water with your body is provided from the height you want. With the overhead shower, which allows you to adjust the water with different pressures, a massage environment at the maximum level is created...

You can adjust the flow and temperature of the water with the Granada Mixing Coils on the panel.

A stylish shelf integrated into the panel has been designed for materials such as shampoo and soap, and the chrome railing adds an elegant air to the shock shower in unity with other chrome elements.

Waterway Shock Showers offer a practical hydromassage opportunity as an ideal solution for those who have trouble with the time required for a large hydromassage and those who have space problems in their bathrooms.