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Why Should I Prefer 100% Cast Acrylic?

Unlike the micron thick acrylic coated ABS sheets used in the market, only cast 100% acrylic Akpolymer sheets are used in Sanacryl products.

For this reason, Sanacryl brand products do not change color and surface cracks due to temperature over time. As long as it does not come into contact with heavy chemicals, the acrylic surface maintains its first day appearance for many years.

Since the 100% acrylic sheet surface is non-porous, Sanacryl products have antibacterial properties.

In case of any damage or impact, the surface can be repaired. When purchasing an acrylic product, please pay attention to the phrase "Cast 100 % Acrylic" on it.

Why Should I Choose Sanacryl?

All Sanacryl bathtubs are reinforced with a multi-point support metal frame system. Its durability is tested with a 250 kg durability test. The cast acrylic surface with high impact resistance and the lower reinforcement elements are maintenance-free.

All Sanacryl products are produced in accordance with environmental standards and are environmentally friendly products.

Quality control
All Sanacryl spa, hydromassage products are subjected to 100% quality tests. All systems are filled with water and leak tests are performed.

Sanacryl products are much more durable than products made using ABS plastic and provide long-term use.

Hygienic phthalate-free sanitar acrylic plates are used for superior hygiene in all Sanacryl products.

Homogeneous Structure
Sanacryl products are homogeneous throughout the plate thickness. When you scrape the surface, the underlying material is the same as the surface. Sanacryl products do not contain any plastic coatings and additives.

Versatile Design
Different color options from plain light tones to bold dark tones. Different texture designs with matte and glossy surfaces.

Easy Cleaning
A non-abrasive cloth and a cleaning liquid that does not contain heavy chemicals is sufficient for product cleaning.

Non-Porous Surface
Cast sanitar acrylic sheets used in Sanacryl products are homogeneous and show the same color and properties throughout the sheet thickness. Thus, any surface damage can be easily repaired.

All accessories and fasteners used in Sanacryl Spa, bathtubs, shower trays and compact systems have been specially developed to prevent contamination and blockages for trouble-free use.

Sanacryl Quality

Sanacryl bathtubs and shower trays are produced from 3mm-5mm thick 100% cast acrylic sheets, depending on the product's inner depth.

In order to strengthen the acrylic body, 18 mm thick 1st quality chipboard is used on the bottom bases, corners and edges of all products, and it is covered with a glass fiber-polyester layer.

In paneled products, the interior of the panels is also reinforced with glass fiber and polyester.

Monoblock products are specially reinforced with moisture-resistant betopan material in order to prevent side surface bending due to pressure.

In the foot systems of Sanacryl products, box profiles are painted with special electrostatic paint and mounted by welding together according to the bottom surface shape of the bathtub. Thus, the load on the tub is evenly distributed on all sides.

Sanacryl Velor Matte colors

Sanacryl Velor Matt colors appeal to interior architects, designers and users who want a difference in the space.
The superior performance of cast acrylic is presented to you for the first time with different options in surface texture. The velvety matte texture of Velor Matt colors provides an elegant appearance and creates a natural stone feeling on the surface. Different Velor color options can be applied to all Sanacryl products, including spas, bathtubs and shower trays.

You can see the color chart in our store.

Sanacryl SPA Pools


Massage experience specially designed for your whole body

  • Local Water Massage
    With this type of massage, the muscles are relaxed by applying constant pressure to certain parts of the body.
  • Anti Stress Massage
    With circular movements, pain caused by posture disorder and sudden contractions is relieved.
  • Weather Effect
    With the help of directional valves, the effect of pressure can be increased by giving more air to the water.
  • Foot massage
    Jets placed on the sole of the foot and the calf relieve joint and muscle pain,
    It helps us to have a deep sleep while increasing our Spa pleasure by activating our body.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Ergonomically positioned jets allow you to use your spa pleasure in the most efficient way.

Energy efficiency

Superior Insulation Performance

  • Spa body placed on metal carriers is insulated with a 30 mm thick polyurethane layer in addition to external composite reinforcement.
  • The base of Sanacryl Spas is covered with a single piece composite table.
  • Bottom table and side panels are covered with aluminum-coated 15 mm insulation sponge. Thus, 90% of the heat loss in the water pumps and the connections under the spa is prevented.
  • Thanks to the composite bottom table, the products are completely protected against external factors (rodents).
  • All-weather composite side panels are standard gifts.
  • The thermal cover, which will allow you to use your system even after a few days, is a standard gift.

Modern Design - Superior Performance

The touch control panel equipped with modern technology provides ease of use in your Sanacryl Spa.

Simple and Powerful

Sanacryl uses BALBOA WATER GROUP control systems, the world's leading electronic Spa control system manufacturer, in all Outdoor Spa products. These systems increase the flexibility of functions and provide ease of use.

Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Sanacryl Spas are equipped with active paper filtration and circulation pump as standard.
Ozone is active oxygen found in nature. With the ozone disinfection system, you can clean your SPA without leaving any toxic waste, unlike cleaning with chemical toxins. A spa with ozonated water is one of the most enjoyable hydrotherapy experiences.
Spas produced with ultraviolet system provide disinfection with UV technology. Thanks to UV rays, bacteria in the water are destroyed. The water is kept clean. Mold bacteria and algae formation is kept under control. Chlorine smell and skin irritation are prevented.

Music & Light Therapy

Chromotherapy and music therapy are standard at Sanacryl spas. In Spas With external speakers connected to a bluetooth receiver, you can listen to music from a mobile phone or other audio source without the need for any cables. In addition, our products have LED lights in different configurations, and thanks to these lights, you can relax your mind and body.

Sanacryl SPA Pools

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