WaterwayKüvet, Jakuzi, SPA Masaj Havuzları, Şok Duş ve Kompakt Kabinler

5 Year Warranty

With 3 layers of fiber and polyester reinforcement made after normal production, we provide a 5-Year Warranty for all our Waterway products with all accessories special for you !

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Waterway Sacramento Jakuzi

Spring '23 Sale

Double Jacuzzi | 180x153cm | Sacramento

Don't miss the discounted double jacuzzi opportunity with 5 Years Warranty !

Our gifts:

  • + 2 head pillows
  • + 2 handles
  • + Waterfall Battery

  • Including in-house installation!
  • We ship all over Turkey for free!
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SPA Massage Pools

Outdoor use, wooden paneled SPA massage pools. If you want, we produce gazebo from real wood!

Models: Bahama, Atlantic, Hawaii, Florida

Capacity: 2, 3, 6, 8 people

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Bathtub | Jacuzzi

Models: Sacramento, Michigan, Boston, San Diego, Beverly Hills, Gateway, Queen, Sunset, Hollywood, Cheyenne, Manhattan...

Shapes: Corner, rectangle, square, oval, asymmetrical

Options: 9 different Hydromassage Systems

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Compact Cabins

Compact shower systems with tub or bathtub.

Models: California, Spring, Del-Rey, Jasper, Cancun, Acapulco, Vista, Ohio, Dakota

Shapes: Square, oval, asymmetrical

Options: Steam Room, FM Radio, Back Massage

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Shock Showers

With 8 directional shock jets, you can use it on a bathtub, boat or ceramic.

Models: Fair, Logan, Texas, Mexico, Yukon, Salinas, Duncan, Cozy, Grove, Nice

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