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Bathroom Concept

In 2009, to the “shower cabins” in Istanbul; We started with the manufacture and installation of shower cabins.

In the shower cabin industry, we were very surprised when we saw very simple websites during our internet searches. We decided to launch the http://www.dededus.com/ site when we found a shower cabin site (less than one finger) where you can describe your dream bonyo, find detailed descriptions and neat pictures of shower cabin models. There has been a lot of positive feedback from you. It all started when we thought of you.

Later, after the website we set up, when you saw that the "shower cabins" did not write the prices on their websites, they followed a price policy according to "customer", "address", and the policy of "same product, same price for everyone" was the one you were viewing. https://dededus.net/ We have brought our website to life for you.

You will find many products such as Shower Cabin, Jacuzzi, Boat, Bathtub and Compact Systems on our website.

We believe that everyone deserves to get great designs at great prices. You can make your decision by touching and seeing some products (all shower cabins) in our Istanbul Çengelköy store! Whether you're looking for a classic bathtub or a modern design, we're sure we have a product that can meet your needs.

And we know that our site is still missing and we are listening to you. As we know you deserve more, under the heading “About the Bathroom”, it will provide inspiration and ideas. We have also implemented our blog / article publication…

Start creating your dream bathroom today.


With our TSE and warranty certified, high quality, stylish and aesthetic products; We add value to your bathroom.

We offer the systems we stand behind with our expert staff and quality product range to your liking.

We do not compromise on the quality of the product to sell it cheaper.

We offer European origin, branded products in the same quality, but at much more affordable prices.

We do not use Chinese made products sold in large supermarkets.

We use products with TSE and warranty certificates in all of our products, from the tub to the tempered glass, from the bearing to the frame, from the hinges to the silicone.

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