Compact Shower Cabin Options | Powerful

Our Powerful compact shower cabin models, which we offer as standard, meet most of the needs you expect from a compact shower cabin.

Features offered as an extra option in many brands and models on the market are standard in our Powerful models!

If you really want to increase your comfort in your compact jacuzzi:

Compact Jacuzzi cabin extra options

RTF Electronic System:

  • Electronic Control Panel
  • FM Radio with Memory
  • Ventilation Fan
  • Ceiling lamp

Steam Electronics System (Steam):

  • Electronic Control Panel
  • Steam bath
  • Cabin Temperature Adjustment
  • Steam Time Setting
  • Remote control
  • Digital Dynamic Indicator
  • Ozone Sterilization
  • Electronic Shock - Head Shower Control
  • Electronic Shock Jet Selection (3 zone alternating or fixed)
  • Digital Thermometer
  • CD Connection
  • FM Radio with Memory
  • Hand-Free Phone
  • Ventilation Fan
  • Alarm-Emergency System Shutdown
  • Ceiling lamp

compact jacuzzi bathtub extra options

(Applies to Powerful Compact Jacuzzis with Bathtub !)

Eco Powerful Hydromassage System Compact Jacuzzi
  • 1st class acrylic surface
  • 1 Powerful Hydromassage Motor and Pump
  • 6 Drainer Jets
  • 2 Back or Foot Jets
  • Air Adjustable Pneumatic Button

Eco + Blower Powerful Hydromassage System Compact Jacuzzi
  • Eco System +
  • Standard Blower Motor
  • 12 Air Jets

Extra accessories of compact shower cabin:

  • Underwater spot ( tub part)
  • Ceiling colored spotlight ( cabin part)
  • Head pillow ( tub part)
  • Handle (tub part)
  • Electronic water level control on/off system (jacuzzi part)
  • Warm heat preservation system with sensor (1.5kwa) (jacuzzi part)

Compact Shower Cabin Models with Steam and Jacuzzi System

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