Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping and Assembly

Shipping and assembly within Istanbul is free. *

For most of the products, shipping is free to all parts of Turkey (city centres) ! You can find detailed information in the product information.

* When the shower tray is purchased together with the shower cabin, its installation is free of charge.

* In flat shower trays, the floor drain must be broken, brought just below the flat tray drain, and the installation should be done by a ceramicist or a plumber!

Warranty and Service

The warranty periods of our products are between 1 year and 5 years according to the brands and models, and the warranty periods are specified in the product information.

All of our products are Domestic Production and the manufacturer is under the Authorized Service Assurance !

Maintenance and Cleaning

We recommend using water, a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

For all products; Do not forget that using heavy chemical and abrasive cleaning materials will cause damage to the products and shorten their life!

Campaign and Discounts

  • Up to 50% of the total amount for MOD branded products, 8 installments without interest .
  • Credit card withdrawal up to 12 installments with different maturities with Ödeal .
  • One payment option or up to 9 installments with different maturities on the site with the assurance of iyzico .
  • 10% discount on cash payments.
  • 10% discount on bank transfer and EFT transactions.
  • In cash and EFT transactions, you can do 50% in the order, the rest in the delivery within Istanbul, after sending the product photos outside of Istanbul (before shipping).

To track your order: We kindly ask you to share your payment receipt via WhatsApp .

Architect / Contractor Discount

Please contact us for our special offers.

  • Payments are in the form of cash, credit card or bank transfer / EFT.
  • We cannot accept checks or promissory notes.

International Shipping

It is your responsibility to send the product abroad. (Turkey taxes, Customs Clearance, Your Country Taxes, Transportation belong to you.) We can deliver to the place you specify in Istanbul/Turkey.

We cannot issue an export registered invoice.

VAT is 10% in PRO SPA jacuzzis.

VAT on all other products is 20%.

All products are packed with wooden crate.

Payments are in the form of cash, credit card or bank transfer / EFT.

We cannot accept checks or promissory notes.


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