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Asymmetric Flat Seated Shower Tray

Asymmetric Flat Seated Shower Tray

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  • 10% Discount on EFT / Money Order
  • Free Installation in Istanbul *Purchased with shower cabin (except flat)
  • 100% Cast Acrylic (phthalate-free)

Flat Asymmetric Seated Shower Tray

Model: Flat

Style: professional _

Direction: Right/Left

Experience aesthetics and comfort together with its 7cm entrance height, + 34cm seating height and durability.

Asymmetric Flat Seated Shower Tray Details

PRO Shower Tray Features

Height: 7 cm

Material: 100% cast acrylic body and side panels (Phthalate-Free)*

Type: Flat (Ceramic master breaks the floor and assembles it)

Figure: Asymmetric

Seated/Flat: sit down

ø60mm Flow: 28m3/minute shower siphon

Domestic Production

Warranty: Acrylic 5 Years, Accessories 2 Years

Quality: Our most durable shower tray models that you can find in the Turkish market are the PRO series.

PRO Shower Tray Color

Standard: Shower tray color is glossy white.

Color : You can order PRO shower trays in gray, anthracite gray, green, dark blue, mocha, yellow, red and black colors, as well as glossy and velvety matte (with a price difference).

*There may be a tonal difference between the screen image and the actual color. You can see the color acrylic swatch in our store!

Colored shower tray: PRO colored shower tray models are not dyed afterwards, but are produced from cast (phthalate-free* 100% cast) acrylic in their original colors.

* What is Phthalate? Phthalates, or phthalate esters, are esters of phthalic acid and are often added to plastics to increase their flexibility. They are used to transform polyvinyl chloride, which is a hard plastic, into flexible plastic. When added to plastics, they allow long polyvinyl molecules to slide over each other.

* What are the Harms of Phthalates? Phthalates are known to have hormone-disrupting effects on living things. Since the immune system is not fully developed, it is much more dangerous for babies and children than adults. Phthalates can cause deterioration in reproductive cells, infertility, and developmental disorders in the genitals in men.

PRO Shower Tray Production

All of our products are domestic production, produced with the highest quality materials and workmanship, and delivered after testing.

PRO products do not change color and surface cracks due to temperature over time.

As long as it does not come into contact with heavy chemicals, the acrylic surface maintains its first day appearance for many years.

Since the 100% acrylic sheet surface is non-porous, PRO products have antibacterial properties.

In order to strengthen the acrylic body, 18 mm thick 1st quality chipboard is used on the bottom bases, corners and edges of all products, and it is covered with a glass fiber-polyester layer.

Do not compare with products made in China and acrylic coating products!

Prefer professional, quality products with guarantee and service!

White shower trays: They are produced in about 1 week.

Colored shower trays: It is produced in about 2-4 weeks with the production of the Color Acrylic plate.

✓ If it ends earlier, we inform and come for assembly.

PRO Shower Tray Installation

*All our shower tray models are ready for you. So it is very easy to install.

Before assembly:

  • It should be adjusted so that the 50' waste water drain pin remains under the shower tray.
  • Make sure the floor is level and the walls are square.
  • In level shower trays, the 50' waste water drain plug should be adjusted by breaking the floor so that it is just below the shower tray drain. Therefore, in level shower tray models, the ceramic master or plumber should install it on a spirit level!
  • In paneled shower trays, there is no need for the floor to be level because there are adjustable feet. It is very easy to intervene in clogging problems by removing the side panel.
  • Monoblock shower trays do not have adjustable feet, so the floor must be on a water level. Otherwise, a corner of the boat will remain in the air and water may not flow into the drain due to the reverse slope. Since there is no intervention panel in clogging problems, the shower tray and shower cabin must be completely disassembled and intervened.
  • In flat shower trays, the 50' waste water drain pin should be adjusted so that it is just below the shower tray drain. That's why, in flat shower tray models, the floor will be broken and the drain will be adjusted, so the ceramic master or plumber must install it on a spirit level! Since there is no intervention panel in clogging problems, the shower tray and shower cabin must be completely disassembled and intervened.
  • All our shower cabin models are compatible with all our shower tray models.


- We do the installation in Istanbul (with the shower cabin) (except for Flat shower trays).

- We do not have an assembly service outside of Istanbul. But a plumber or ceramic fitter can easily install it.

PRO Shower Tray Transport

When taken together with the shower cabin, we provide free shipping and installation within Istanbul . (For a single shower tray purchase, you can receive it from the store)

Outside of Istanbul , we work with counter-paid warehouse cargoes.

We research the most affordable warehouse cargo for you before shipping your product.

Since normal cargoes change hands 5-10 times, the risk of transportation is high and expensive. Warehouse cargo brings your product to you in a much more durable and affordable way with 1-2 hand changes.

Since warehouse cargo prices change daily, we cannot add them to our prices.

Product Shipment to Countries outside Türkiye:

Payment Methods and Discount

Via our site: You can use your credit card, with the assurance of Iyzico , from the payment screen with one-shot or installment options with 2,3,6,9 maturities.

Cash: You can do it with bank transfer and EFT at a discount (just call us ☎️)! You can do 50% for the order, the rest for the delivery within Istanbul, after sending the product photos outside of Istanbul (before shipping).

To track your order: Please share your payment receipt via WhatsApp .

Sending Product Money (SWIFT) from outside Türkiye:

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