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Baby Bathtub | 90x50cm | Therapy

Baby Bathtub | 90x50cm | Therapy

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Baby Shower | 6001

Tub size: 9 0x50cm

Tub height: 30 cm

Coffee table size: 96x60cm

Coffee table height: 96cm

Stand stand: Ireko

Production: Domestic Production

Before your baby is bathed:

  • Always wash your baby when he is hungry or at least 1.5 hours after feeding; because when you wash your baby full, you can pressurize his stomach and cause him to vomit.
  • Warm up by adding hot water to cold water. Check the temperature of the water with your elbow.
  • Make sure the water is about 10 centimeters deep.
  • Have baby products that are suitable for the baby's skin and do not burn their eyes.
  • Prevent your baby from coming into contact with the hard floor by placing a towel or a tub net in the tub.

When bathing your baby:
  • Start the washing process from your body. Wash their head last because babies lose heat from their heads the quickest.
  • While washing the front of the baby, support the head, shoulders and back with one hand and place the baby's bottom in the tub.
  • When washing the baby's back, grasp the baby with your fingers so that you do not pinch the baby under his chin.
  • Support your child's body with the arm of the same hand and hold it semi-upright.
  • When washing the baby's head, make sure that he is face down and that water does not get into his ears. You can wash your baby without laying him in the tub until the umbilical cord falls off, by pouring water on him, and by laying him in the tub after the cord falls off.
  • If possible, have a helper with you during the bath.

After your baby is bathed:
  • Make sure you have 2 towels to dry. After drying the baby's body with the first towel, keep your baby wrapped with the second towel until you dress because the wet towel absorbing the water from the baby's body can cause him to get cold and lose heat quickly.
  • When babies get cold, they expend energy to regain their warmth, which slows their weight gain.
  • Help your baby's development and strengthen the bond between you and your baby by massaging your baby with the help of baby oil before dressing them.

Baby Bathtub | 90x50cm | Therapy Details

MOD Shower Tray Features

Height: 30 cm

Material: Abs + acrylic body and side panels + Wood


Figure: Oval

Seated/Flat: Straight

ø50mm shower siphon

Domestic Production

Warranty: Acrylic 2 Years, Accessories 1 Year

MOD Shower Tray Color

Standard: Shower tray color is glossy white.

Colour : Glossy black and red.

MOD Shower Tray Production

All of our products are domestic production, produced with the highest quality materials and workmanship, and delivered after testing.

Do not compare with products made in China and acrylic coating products!

Prefer professional, quality products with guarantee and service!

White white shower tray: It is produced in about 1-2 weeks.

Colored shower tray: It is produced in about 1-3 weeks.

✓ If it ends earlier, we inform and come for assembly.

MOD Shower Tray Installation

*All our shower tray models are ready for you. So it is very easy to install.

Before assembly:

  • It should be adjusted so that the 50' waste water drain pin remains under the shower tray.
  • Make sure the floor is level and the walls are square.
  • In level shower trays, the 50' waste water drain plug should be adjusted by breaking the floor so that it is just below the shower tray drain. Therefore, in level shower tray models, the ceramic master or plumber should install it on a spirit level!
  • In paneled shower trays, there is no need for the floor to be level because there are adjustable feet. It is very easy to intervene in clogging problems by removing the side panel.
  • Monoblock shower trays do not have adjustable feet, so the floor must be on a water level. Otherwise, a corner of the boat will remain in the air and water may not flow into the drain due to the reverse slope. Since there is no intervention panel in clogging problems, the shower tray and shower cabin must be completely disassembled and intervened.
  • In flat shower trays, the 50' waste water drain pin should be adjusted so that it is just below the shower tray drain. That's why, in flat shower tray models, the floor will be broken and the drain will be adjusted, so the ceramic master or plumber must install it on a spirit level! Since there is no intervention panel in clogging problems, the shower tray and shower cabin must be completely disassembled and intervened.
  • All our shower cabin models are compatible with all our shower tray models.


- We do the installation in Istanbul (with shower cabin) (except for flat and level shower trays).

- We do not have an assembly service outside of Istanbul. But a plumber or ceramic fitter can easily install it.

MOD Shower Tray Transport

When taken together with the shower cabin, we provide free shipping and installation within Istanbul . (For a single shower tray purchase, you can receive it from the store)

Outside of Istanbul , we work with counter-paid warehouse cargoes.

We research the most affordable warehouse cargo for you before shipping your product.

Since normal cargoes change hands 5-10 times, the risk of transportation is high and expensive. Warehouse cargo brings your product to you in a much more durable and affordable way with 1-2 hand changes.

Since warehouse cargo prices change daily, we cannot add them to our prices.

Product Shipment to Countries outside Türkiye:

Order, Payment and Discounts

  • Up to 50% of the total amount for MOD branded products, 8 installments without interest .

  • Credit card withdrawal up to 12 installments with different maturities with Ödeal .

  • One payment option or up to 9 installments with different maturities on the site with the assurance of iyzico .

  • 10% discount on cash payments.

  • 10% discount on bank transfer and EFT transactions.

  • In cash and EFT transactions, you can do 50% in the order, the rest in the delivery within Istanbul, after sending the product photos outside of Istanbul (before shipping).

To track your order: We kindly ask you to share your payment receipt via WhatsApp .

Sending Product Money (SWIFT) from outside Türkiye:

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