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1 Fixed, 1 Opening Glass Shower Cabin With Brass Hinges Between Two Walls

1 Fixed, 1 Opening Glass Shower Cabin With Brass Hinges Between Two Walls

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Profile color

Standard size ranges are given. Don't forget that we can produce in special sizes for you!

Wall-to-wall hinged shower enclosure

1 fixed, 1 opening frameless glass shower cabin with brass butterfly hinges!

1 Fixed, 1 Opening Glass Shower Cabin With Brass Hinges Between Two Walls Details

Shower Cabin Features

Custom Sizes Can Be Made: It can be made to any fractional size you want. Size ranges are given! Remember that special sizes are produced for your place! No size limit!

Usage: Ceramic, shower tray and over the tub is suitable!

Glass Thickness: 6-8mm Tempered Glass

Material: Rice (due to its high quality and special coating, it does not rust or discolor!)

Design: Frameless design

Form / Shape: Between the Wall

How to Take the Size of the Shower Cabin?

You can see how to measure your shower cabin with a picture here.

When creating your shower area, you should plan by considering your entrance and exit barriers to your shower cabin.

When taking the size of the shower cabin between the walls; 3 measurements are taken from the lower, middle and upper parts, which we call 3-point measurement, and the lowest measurement will be your shower cabin measurement.

If the size of the L corner wall shower cabin is taken; Width and width measurements are taken as A and B.

The location of the shower door is important when you enter your shower cabin. There should be a more comfortable area where there are no products that will block your entrance (bathroom closet, closet, etc.). The presence of fixed panels in places where you have obstacles (toilet bowl, closet, etc.) will make it easier for you to enter your shower cabin.

* In hinged door models, the door must not hit any obstacles (toilet bowl, closet, etc.)!

Shower Cabin Materials Comparison

All our shower cabin models are guaranteed for 2 years and 1st class accessories are used.

* Price differences; profile and mechanism materials and glass thickness.

Stainless steel sliding shower cabin | ISTANBUL :

- Carrier system: 2mm thick, 2cm diameter stainless steel pipe

- Mechanism: Brass bearing

- Fixed Glass : 6-8mm

- Moving Glass: 6mm

- Frameless design: No

Brass sliding shower cabin | ELITE :

- Carrier system: Brass 3x1cm flat blade

- Mechanism: Brass bearing

- Fixed Glass : 6-8mm

- Moving Glass: 6mm

- Frameless design: Yes

Aluminium top hanger sliding shower cabin | Uskudar :

- Carrier system: 2mm thick, 4.5x2cm aluminum box profile

- Mechanism: Metal body, plastic bearing

- Fixed Glass : 6-8mm

- Moving Glass: 6-8mm

- Frameless design: Yes

Aluminum classic sliding shower cabin | Luxury :

- Carrier system: 1.5mm thick, 6x2cm aluminum box profile

- Mechanism: Metal body, plastic bearing

- Fixed Glass : 5-6mm

- Moving Glass: 5-6mm

- Frameless design: No

Brass hinged shower cabin | Charisma :

- Carrier system: Tensioner Arm

- Mechanism: Brass butterfly hinge

- Fixed Glass : 6-8mm

- Moving Glass: 6-8mm

- Frameless design: Yes

Stainless hinged shower cabin | original :

- Carrier system: 3x1cm thick stainless steel sheet,

- Mechanism: Brass pivot hinge

- Fixed Glass : 6-8mm

- Moving Glass: 6-8mm

- Frameless design: Yes

Aluminum Hinged Shower Cabin | Prestige :

- Carrier system: Tensioner Arm

- Mechanism: 6x2cm aluminum hinge

- Fixed Glass : 6mm

- Moving Glass: 6mm

- Frameless design: Yes

Aluminum folding shower cabin | Smart :

- Carrier system: 1.2mm thick aluminum box profile

- Mechanism: Plastic slide

- Fixed Glass : 4mm

- Moving Glass: 4mm

- Frameless design: No

Aluminum polystyrene/mica shower enclosure | Ekollux:

- Carrier system: 1.2mm thick aluminum box profile

- Mechanism: Plastic bearing

- Fixed Glass : 2.2mm

- Moving Glass: 2.2mm

- Frameless design: No

Shower Cabin Materials (Common)

Side uprights:

The side upright profiles of the shower cabins, which are connected to the wall, are aluminum.


Sista or Soudal brand anti-bacterial shower cabin silicone.


Stainless steel (inox).

Shower Cabin Glass:

Depending on the model you choose, 4-5-6-8mm Şişecam tempered glass is used. It is domestic production.

Tensioner Arm:

In brass and full-length hinged shower cabins, aluminum tension arm is used to fix the immovable glass and to secure your shower cabin.


Anti-bacterial wicks installed between and under the glass of the shower cabin prevent the water from leaking out.


It is used in the wick to fix the shower cabin door.

Shower Cabin Profile Colors

Shower cabins with stainless and brass accessories:

- Chrome (Standard)

- Black

- Gold (PVD)*

- Bronze (PVD)*

* PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) “physical vapor condensation” coating: PVD adheres very strongly to the floor it is applied to, thus it does not show any spillage or deterioration.

Shower cabins with aluminum accessories:

- Chrome (Standard)

- Black

- Gold

- Inox**

- Super shiny chrome**

** Inox and super bright chrome profile colors are only available in luxury sliding shower cabins.

The profile color you choose and the shower cabin accessories are in the same color.

Since the coating and colors in the profiles we use are first class, blackening, cracking, rusting etc. does not happen.

Shower Cabin Height

Standard height is 190 cm in stainless and brass models, 180 cm in luxury sliding model.

- 190cm or 200cm in shower cabin applications directly on the floor

- 180cm or 190cm in shower cabin applications over the shower tray

- 148cm or 160cm in shower cabin applications over bathtub / Jacuzzi

We recommend producing

* Polystyrene / mica Ekolux shower cabin height is 180cm maximum.

Our Differences from Other Shower Cabin Brands

- All our shower cabin models are guaranteed for 2 years .

 - All materials from profiles to hinges, from silicone to screws are first class guaranteed and TSE certified We do not use scrap, equivalent or Chinese made materials.

- Since shower cabin accessories and profile colors are 1st class coated products, discoloration, color cracking, rusting etc. You can safely use it for years.

- Our manufacturing and assembly services are carried out by our professional teams.

- We do not use Iranian glass, thin profile, poor quality accessories, as we produce not cheaper, but better quality and safe shower cabins.

- We provide solution-oriented 24/7 service for all your questions over the phone and WhatsApp.

- You can see all our models in our Çengelköy store and like them by touching them. If you can't come, we can share photos and videos.

- We can share with you the real shower cabin images that you like and have been applied before.

- Since we can stand behind all the products we produce and sell, from the same people (including outside of Istanbul and abroad) or from our customers' recommendations and friends; We continue our production and sales services.

- If we finish the production of the shower cabin (there may be delays in the glass factories, we give you the maximum time), we notify you and we assemble your products.

Shower Cabin Location and Installation

Our shower cabin models can be applied with shower tray, directly on the floor or over the bathtub.

Before assembly:

- Make sure the wall and floor insulation, flatness.

- Cabinet, washing machine, etc. that will prevent assembly. products may need to be removed.

- In direct installation of the shower cabin , the floor of the shower cabin can be without a square, since the shower floor is tilted so that the water can flow. In addition , we recommend that you put 5x3cm marble under the shower cabin so that the silicone does not darken with chemicals on the floor (such as shampoo, cleaning agents) and does not lose its properties!

- During transportation, check for obstacles that may prevent transportation.

- Share the image of your shower area with us.


- We do the assembly in Istanbul.

- We do not have an assembly service outside of Istanbul. We are able to help someone who understands a little bit about the job by having you meet with our masters on video.

Shower Cabin Transportation

Shipping and assembly within Istanbul is free .

We send your product outside of Istanbul with a counter payment.

We research the most affordable warehouse cargo for you before shipping your product.

Since normal cargoes change hands 5-10 times, the risk of transportation is high and expensive. Warehouse cargo brings your product to you in a much more durable and affordable way with 1-2 hand changes.

Since warehouse cargo prices change daily, we cannot add them to our prices.

Product Shipment to Countries outside Türkiye:

Payment Methods and Discount

Via our site:

By using your credit card, you can use one-shot or installment options with 2,3,6,9 maturities from the payment screen with the assurance of Iyzico .


You can do it with bank transfer and EFT at a discount (just call us ☎️)! You can do 50% for the order, the rest for the delivery within Istanbul, after sending the product photos outside of Istanbul (before shipping).

To track your order: Please share your payment receipt via WhatsApp .

Sending Product Money (SWIFT) from outside Türkiye:

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