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Heloi SPA Jacuzzi

Heloi SPA Jacuzzi

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  • 100% Cast Acrylic (phthalate-free)
  • Free Installation in Istanbul
  • Free Shipping All Over Turkey
  • Composite Side Panels Gift
  • Thermal Cover / Cover Gift
  • Balboa Control System Standard

You can use your outdoor PRO fessional spa jacuzzis for 4 seasons without any climatic conditions ! You can heat your cold water with the standard heater and keep the heat using the standard thermal cover ! In addition, by leaving the system open, you can prevent repeated water filling and emptying for days, weeks, as water sterilization will be provided automatically !


Outdoor Spa Jacuzzi | Massage Pool

Model: Heloi

Measurement: 210x210cm (±2cm)

Height: 95cm (±2cm)

Capacity: Max. 5 people (5 sitting, 0 lying)

Usage: Outdoor / With heater

Dede Shower Pro SPA Round Jacuzzi Antalya

5-person Pro Round SPA jacuzzi features:

  • 305kg
  • 980lt water capacity
  • 3HP Koller water pump
  • 0.25 HP water circulation pump
  • Balboa SPA control system
  • Balboa TP400 Spa control panel
  • 3 kw Balboa Heater
  • 22 Jets
  • Ozonizer sterilization
  • 1 cleanable micro paper filter
  • Composite sub-base and metal skeleton
  • Fiber composite body reinforcement
  • Polyurethane + side panel and base thermal insulation
  • 2 Waterproof round Speakers
  • 10pcs LEDs + Corner LED lighting
  • 3 pillows
  • UV composite side panels
  • 3/4” water drain valve
  • 1x32 A 230V/50Hz. 3x6mm cable electrical connection
  • Composite side panels
  • Thermal cover included

Heloi SPA Jacuzzi Details

Pro SPA Jacuzzi Features

Height: 95 cm

Material: 100% cast acrylic body + Composite panels

Usage: Outdoor

System Options: SPA Jacuzzi

Type: Professional

Figure: Round

Domestic Production

Warranty: Acrylic 5 Years, Accessories 2 Years

A massage experience specially designed for your entire body is standard in all Pro Spa Pools.

Thermal Blanket

Thanks to its high thermal insulation, your thermal cover, specially produced for your spa pool, allows you to use your water with high savings without draining and losing the temperature of the water.
Local Water Massage
With this type of massage, constant pressure is applied to certain parts of the body and the muscles are tightened.
relaxation is provided.

Anti Stress Massage
With circular movements, pain caused by posture disorder and sudden contractions is relieved.

Weather Effect
With the help of diverter valves, more water
The effect of pressure can be increased by giving air.

Foot massage
Jets placed on the soles and calves of the feet relieve joint and muscle pain.
It helps us to have a deep sleep while increasing our Spa pleasure by activating our body.

Ergonomic Design
Ergonomically positioned jets allow you to use your spa pleasure in the most efficient way.

Modern Design - Superior Performance
The touch control panel equipped with modern technology provides ease of use in your Pro Spa. Simple and Powerful Pro SPAs use BALBOA WATER GROUP control systems, the world's leading electronic Spa control system manufacturer, in all Outdoor Spa products. These systems increase the flexibility of functions and provide ease of use.

Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Pro Spas are equipped with active paper filtration and circulation pump as standard.
Ozone is active oxygen found in nature. With the ozone disinfection system, you can clean your Spa without leaving any toxic waste, unlike cleaning with chemical toxins. A Spa with ozonated water is one of the most enjoyable hydrotherapy experiences. Spas produced with ultraviolet system provide disinfection with UV technology. Thanks to UV rays, bacteria in the water are destroyed. The water is kept clean. Mold bacteria and algae formation is kept under control. Chlorine smell and skin irritation are prevented.

Music & Light Therapy

Chromotherapy and music therapy are standard at Pro Spas.

With external speakers connected to a bluetooth receiver in spas, you can listen to music from a mobile phone or other audio source without the need for any cables. In addition, our products have LED lights in different configurations and thanks to these lights, you can relax your mind and body.
you can relax

Pro SPA Jacuzzi Extra Options

Milky Bubble Oxygen Therapy

It produces billions of microscopic oxygen bubbles in micron size, the oxygen bubbles dispersed in the water evoke the feeling of a milk bath, the micro oxygen molecules that surround the body benefit the repair of the skin. The unique MicroSilk Humidification and Therapy System using proprietary technology; The natural strength of MicroSilk lies in its beneficial disinfecting and healing effects.

Spa Step

Step/stairs to facilitate your entry and exit to your spa pool.

Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is a type of massage performed using massage oils prepared from the root, stem and leaf extracts of plants. The pleasant scent of aromatic herbal oils in your spa jacuzzi heals the physical problems caused by stress and at the same time instills peace in the human brain. Our brain is constantly stimulated in a good way by different signals from different sources by combining smell and touch.

* Some extra options may be standard in the SPA pool of your choice!

Pro SPA Jacuzzi Color

Standard: Acrylic color is glossy white.

Color : You can order all Spa pool colors in bright colors of grey, anthracite grey, navy blue, mocha and black (with price difference).

Colored bathtub: All colored bathtub models are produced from cast (phthalate-free* 100% cast) acrylic in their original colors, not dyed afterwards.

* What is Phthalate? Phthalates, or phthalate esters, are esters of phthalic acid and are often added to plastics to increase their flexibility. They are used to transform polyvinyl chloride, which is a hard plastic, into flexible plastic. When added to plastics, they allow long polyvinyl molecules to slide over each other.

* What are the Harms of Phthalates? Phthalates are known to have hormone-disrupting effects on living things. Since the immune system is not fully developed, it is much more dangerous for babies and children than adults. Phthalates can cause deterioration in reproductive cells, infertility, and developmental disorders in the genitals in men.

Pro SPA Pool Production and Insulation

All of our products are domestic production, produced with the highest quality materials and workmanship, and delivered after testing.

High level of thermal insulation

Spa body placed on metal carriers is reinforced with a 30 mm thick polyurethane layer in addition to external composite reinforcement.

floor insulation

The base of Pro Spas is covered with a one-piece composite table.

Extra thermal insulation

Bottom table and side panels are covered with aluminum-coated 15 mm insulation sponge. Thus, 90% of the heat loss in the water pumps and the connections under the spa is prevented.

Protection from external factors

Thanks to the composite bottom table, the products are resistant to external factors.
(rodents) are fully protected.

Do not compare with products made in China and acrylic coating products!

Prefer professional, quality products with guarantee and service!

White tubs: Produced in about 2 weeks.

Colored bathtubs: It is produced in about 3-4 weeks with the production of the Color Acrylic plate.

✓ If it ends earlier, we inform and come for assembly.

Pro SPA Jacuzzi Usage Areas


- Terrace

- Bath

- Bedroom


- Garden

- Balcony

Usage areas

- House / Villa

- Hotel

- Beauty centre

- Holiday Village

- Bungalow houses

- Massage parlor

- SPA center

Pro SPA Jacuzzi Installation

* All our jacuzzi systems come ready to you. So it is very easy to install.

Before assembly:

- Check the dimensions of the place where you will position it, taking into account the dimensions of your Pro Spa pool.

- During transportation, check for obstacles that may prevent transportation.

- The water drain is near the bottom of your jacuzzi. Position your drain for water drainage.

- Water filling will be done to your Spa pool from outside with a hose / faucet. It heats the cold water filled in it up to 40 degrees and keeps it warm (hot water supplement will speed up the water's readiness).

- The floor where the SPA Jacuzzi will be installed must be flat and hard enough to support the weight.

- Single-phase electrical installation must be ready before installation.

- Since your Pro Spa jacuzzi is heavy, it must be positioned with a crane (by you).


- We do the assembly in Istanbul.

- We do not have an assembly service outside of Istanbul. But a plumber or electrician can easily install it.

Pro SPA Transport

We do free shipping and assembly within Istanbul .

Free Shipping All Over Turkey! (with wooden case)

*It is up to you to place your SPA Jacuzzi in your place with a crane .

Product Shipment to Countries outside Türkiye:

Payment Methods and Discount

Via our site:

By using your credit card, you can use one-shot or installment options with 2,3,6,9 maturities from the payment screen with the assurance of Iyzico .


You can do it with bank transfer and EFT at a discount (just call us ☎️)! You can do 50% for the order, the rest for the delivery within Istanbul, after sending the product photos outside of Istanbul (before shipping).

To track your order: Please share your payment receipt via WhatsApp .

Sending Product Money (SWIFT) from outside Türkiye:

Benefits of Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis make your life better, help you feel more relaxed and less stressed, and honestly, it's a lot of fun!

Top 10 life-changing benefits of jacuzzis

The home spa is the perfect place to unwind after a long day, unwind from the week, or entertain guests.

1. Reduced Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on the body. From fatigue and headaches to muscle tension and digestive issues, stress can make you feel bad. One of the best ways to de-stress after a long and hard day is to take a hot tub . The warmth of the water paired with jet massage relaxes the body while relieving stress symptoms. One of the most important benefits of jacuzzis is that they give you a boost of energy while at the same time filling your body with feelings of well-being by increasing your endorphin production.

2. Relieves Aching Muscles

One of the best remedies for tired, aching muscles is wet heat, especially when used in conjunction with massage. Regular hot tub use has been found to relieve muscle spasms and stiffness and cause less pain overall. This is known as a therapeutic technique called hydrotherapy, which combines the healing powers of heat, massage and buoyancy.

3. Alleviating Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Whatever your situation, being able to relax in your hot tub is sure to help. Studies have shown that people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and other chronic conditions can benefit immensely from a daily dip in the spa. The heat of the water and jet massage work to relieve tension while stimulating the circulation of blood to injured muscles and joints. This reduces swelling and inflammation.

4. Increased Range of Motion

If you suffer from limited mobility, a whirlpool tub can help. As the heat of the water accelerates the blood flow, the muscles warm up. This is the perfect time to lie down. Muscles are much more flexible when warm. Regular stretching in heated water can greatly improve your flexibility and overall mobility.

5. Improved Sleep

If you miss getting a solid eight hours of sleep each night, using your hot tub can help. In fact, insomnia and restless legs syndrome sufferers often report a better night's sleep after hot tub use. Experts say a bedtime routine that includes 20 minutes of rest in the hot tub can go a long way in improving your sleep quality. This is because the heat raises your temperature, and the gradual drop in temperature after you get out of the tub tells your body it's time to sleep.

6. Full Body Detoxification

The next time you want to detox naturally, forget about juice cleanses – head to the hot tub instead. Heated water warms your blood and lymph fluid, causing it to circulate faster throughout your body. This will make you sweat and bring toxins to the surface. These toxins are then washed away with water.

7. Boosted Immunity

Did you know that using a jacuzzi can naturally help your body fight disease? Along with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, soaking in warm water is the best way to fend off viruses. As your blood warms up and circulates faster, white blood cells are transported to any part of the body that fights germs.

8. Helps with Sinus Problems

There is nothing better than steam for clogged nasal passages. Warm, moist air helps relieve sinus pressure and reduce congestion in your nasal cavity. If your jacuzzi has aromatherapy technology, using a scent of eucalyptus will also help loosen up your sinuses and get rid of mucus and phlegm.

9. Enhanced Skin

Regular hot tub use not only helps you detox from the inside out; It can also purify your skin from impurities. As your body temperature rises and you begin to sweat, bacteria and dirt built up during the day come to the surface. Both are washed off with water along with dead skin cells.

10. Helps with Weight Loss

If you want to lose a few pounds, using your hot tub can help. While relaxing at the spa doesn't burn enough calories to make a big difference, the benefits you get from regular baths can make a big difference. Relaxed muscles, better range of motion, and better quality sleep make a big difference when it's time to exercise. The better you feel, the more you can get out of your training. And because you will feel less stressed, your body will not tend to crave sugary or fatty foods.

Jacuzzi pools are loved for more than their myriad health benefits – whether you're enjoying drinks with friends or warming up after skiing, they also offer an endless source of fun.

Try opening your hot tub to guests during a pool party, inviting friends for a dip on a cold day, turning out the TV or projector to enjoy a movie night on the water, or playing games with the family.

Whether you want to relieve pain, relieve stress, heal your skin, get a better night's sleep, or just have fun, the jacuzzi can do it all.

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