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Thebes | Koller Jacuzzi System

Thebes | Koller Jacuzzi System

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  • 100% Cast Acrylic (phthalate-free)
  • Original Color (Not Painting!)
  • PROfessional Jacuzzi Systems
  • 10% Discount on EFT / Money Order
  • Free Installation in Istanbul
  • Free Shipping All Over Turkey

Thebes rectangular bathtub | Koller j accumulator system

Model: Thebes

Style: Professional

Jacuzzi: Koller hydromassage systems

Measurement: 180x80cm

With its seating arrangement and ideal depth, you can use it as a bathtub or jacuzzi!

Thebes | Koller Jacuzzi System Details

Jacuzzi | Tub Features

Standard Content:

Body + 1 front panel + 1 side panel + automatic siphon

Height: 60 cm

Inner Depth: 44 cm

Material: 100% cast acrylic body and side panels

Usage: interior

Seated/Flat: sit down

System Options: Jacuzzi

Type: Paneled (Adjustable feet, easy assembly)

Figure: Rectangle

Domestic Production

Warranty: Acrylic 5 Years, Accessories 2 Years

Quality: The most robust models you can find in the Turkish market are the PRO series.

Payment Methods and Discount

Via our site: You can use your credit card, with the assurance of Iyzico , from the payment screen with one-shot or installment options with 2,3,6,9 different maturities.

Cash: You can do it with bank transfer and EFT at a discount (just call us ☎️)! You can do 50% for the order, the rest for the delivery within Istanbul, after sending the product photos outside of Istanbul (before shipping).

To track your order: Please share your payment receipt via WhatsApp .

Sending Product Money (SWIFT) from outside Türkiye:

Benefits of Jacuzzi

Jacuzzis make your life better, help you feel more relaxed and less stressed, and honestly, it's a lot of fun!

Top 10 life-changing benefits of jacuzzis

The home spa is the perfect place to unwind after a long day, unwind from the week, or entertain guests.

1. Reduced Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on the body. From fatigue and headaches to muscle tension and digestive issues, stress can make you feel bad. One of the best ways to de-stress after a long and hard day to get in the jacuzzi . The warmth of the water paired with jet massage relaxes the body while relieving stress symptoms. The best of jacuzzis one of the key benefits This is because it also gives you a boost of energy while filling your body with feelings of well-being by increasing your endorphin production.

2. Relieves Aching Muscles

One of the best remedies for tired, aching muscles is wet heat, especially when used in conjunction with massage. Regular hot tub use has been found to relieve muscle spasms and stiffness and cause less pain overall. This, combining the healing powers of heat, massage and buoyancy It is known as a therapeutic technique called hydrotherapy.

3. Alleviating Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Whatever your situation, being able to relax in your hot tub is sure to help. Studies have shown that people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and other chronic conditions can benefit immensely from a daily dip in the spa. The heat of the water and jet massage work to relieve tension while stimulating the circulation of blood to injured muscles and joints. This reduces swelling and inflammation.

4. Increased Range of Motion

If you suffer from limited mobility, a whirlpool tub can help. As the heat of the water accelerates the blood flow, the muscles warm up. This is the perfect time to lie down. Muscles are much more flexible when warm. Regular stretching in heated water can greatly improve your flexibility and overall mobility.

5. Improved Sleep

If you miss getting a solid eight hours of sleep each night, using your hot tub can help. In fact, insomnia and restless legs syndrome sufferers often report a better night's sleep after hot tub use. Experts say a bedtime routine that includes 20 minutes of rest in the hot tub can go a long way in improving your sleep quality. This is because the heat raises your temperature and the gradual drop in temperature after you get out of the tub tells your body it's time to sleep.

6. Full Body Detoxification

The next time you want to detox naturally, forget about juice cleanses – head to the hot tub instead. Heated water warms your blood and lymph fluid, causing it to circulate faster throughout your body. This will make you sweat and bring toxins to the surface. These toxins are then washed away with water.

7. Boosted Immunity

Did you know that using a jacuzzi can naturally help your body fight disease? Along with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, soaking in warm water is the best way to fend off viruses. As your blood warms up and circulates faster, white blood cells are transported to any part of the body that fights germs.

8. Helps with Sinus Problems

There is nothing better than steam for clogged nasal passages. Warm, moist air helps relieve sinus pressure and reduce congestion in your nasal cavity. If your jacuzzi has aromatherapy technology, using a scent of eucalyptus will also help loosen up your sinuses and get rid of mucus and phlegm.

9. Enhanced Skin

Regular hot tub use not only helps you detox from the inside out; It can also purify your skin from impurities. As your body temperature rises and you begin to sweat, bacteria and dirt built up during the day come to the surface. Both are washed off with water along with dead skin cells.

10. Helps with Weight Loss

If you want to lose a few pounds, using your hot tub can help. While relaxing at the spa doesn't burn enough calories to make a big difference, the benefits you get from regular baths can make a big difference. Relaxed muscles, better range of motion, and better quality sleep make a big difference when it's time to exercise. The better you feel, the more you can get out of your training. And because you will feel less stressed, your body will not tend to crave sugary or fatty foods.

Jacuzzi pools are loved for more than their myriad health benefits – whether you're enjoying drinks with friends or warming up after skiing, they also offer an endless source of fun.

Try opening your hot tub to guests during a pool party, inviting friends for a dip on a cold day, turning out the TV or projector to enjoy a movie night on the water, or playing games with the family.

Whether you want to relieve pain, relieve stress, heal your skin, get a better night's sleep, or just have fun, the jacuzzi can do it all.

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  • Koller System 1

    9 jets + 1 Engine

    • Koller Slim jet (6 side + 3 back),
    • Koller Water Engine (0.8 hp),
    • Pneumatic on-off
  • Koller System 2

    19 jets + 2 Engines

    • Koller Slim jet (6 side + 3 back),
    • Koller Water Engine (0.8 hp),
    • Pneumatic on-off,
    • 10 Brass Air Jets,
    • Koller Air Motor (400 w)
  • Koller Digital System 1

    9 jets + 1 Engine

    • Koller Slim jet (6 side + 3 back),
    • Koller Water Engine (0.8 hp),
    • Electronic on-off,
    • Water Level Sensor
  • Koller Digital System 2

    19 jets + 2 Engines

    • Koller Slim jet (6 side + 3 back),
    • Koller Water Engine (0.8 hp),
    • Electronic on-off,
    • Water Level Sensor,
    • 10 Brass Air Jets,
    • Koller Air Motor (400 w),
    • Water Level Sensor,
    • Multicolor - color selectable lamp
  • Koller Comfort System 1

    9 jets + 1 Engine

    • Koller Slim jet (6 side + 3 back),
    • Koller Water Engine (0.8 hp),
    • Touch Digital Screen Control,
    • Water Level Sensor,
    • Colorful Underwater Lamp,
    • Bluetooth Music System,
    • Speaker,
    • ozonizer
  • Koller Comfort System 2

    19 jets + 2 Engines

    • Koller Slim jet (6 side + 3 back),
    • Koller Water Engine (0.8 hp),
    • Touch Digital Screen Control,
    • Water Level Sensor,
    • Colorful Underwater Lamp,
    • Bluetooth Music System,
    • Speaker,
    • ozonizer,
    • 10 Brass Air Jets,
    • Koller Air Motor (400 w)
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Premium Jacuzzi Tub Standard Features:

Self-colored 100% Cast Acrylic jacuzzi tub, Metal construction reinforcement, Suction strainer, Pressure adjustment button, Remote Siphon

  • Koller Su Jeti

    Koller Slim Jet

    Jets embedded in the tub with a stainless steel frame for more performance and more comfort
    It is movable and the pressure can be adjusted.

    Total: 9 Jets (6 side + 3 back)

  • Koller su motoru

    Koller Water Engine

    Reliable and extremely quiet water motor technology that drives your side water jets for the best performance and comfort.

    0.8 hp

  • Koller hava motoru

    Koller Air Motor

    High quality and much quieter working blower (air) motor and advanced technology that runs your brass air jets at the bottom.


  • Koller Milk Sistemi

    Koller Milk System

    Look younger and feel healthier thanks to the revolutionary KOLLER MILK O2 Treatment. 100% pure water cleaning!

    More information 
  • Koller Su Isıtıcısı

    Koller Kettle

    It will keep your water warm and provide a safe and comfortable jacuzzi experience.

    1.5 kW Thermostat Heater

  • Koller Dezenfekte Sistemi

    Koller Disinfection System

    The disinfectant liquid is cleaned by sucking the bath water with the lower pressure of the jet pump.

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