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Shock Shower Panel | 0004 | 190x50x50 | mode

Shock Shower Panel | 0004 | 190x50x50 | mode

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Massage shower system

Model: Shock shower panel | 0004

    * Bathtub, shower cabin and accessories are not included in the price.

    Shock Shower Features

    Used in: Ceramic / Boat Top

    Usage: Corner

    Seated / Flat: sit down

    Height: 190 cm

    Mix battery: There is

    Hand shower: There is

    Shock massage jet: 10 units

    Head shower: There is

    Beak for water filling: None

    Shelf / Shampoo Rack: None

    Domestic Production

    Material: ABS + acrylic body and side panels

    Warranty: Acrylic 2 Years, Accessories 1 Year

    Shipping and Assembly

    It is easy to install.

    You can pick it up from the store.

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    Benefits of Shock Shower Massage

    Water jets is a hands-free massage therapy that uses water massage technology to provide comfort and relaxation to targeted areas of the body. Although many hydrotherapy treatments involve immersion, vertical jets of water provide shock showers to massage the body, or vertical jets of water in compact shower cabins apply standing massage, meaning that one can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy anywhere, anytime. This type of massage is perfect for athletes, people dealing with aches and pains, or anyone seeking general wellness for both body and mind.

    Benefits of Hydromassage Treatment

    Provides Temporary Relief from Minor Aches and Pains

    Are you experiencing headaches, neck pain or back pain? Shock shower massage can provide temporary relief from minor aches. Treatment targets trigger areas around the body. The massaging effect of the water jets helps to relax these tight muscles and relax the body.

    Reduces Stress and Anxiety Levels

    Shock shower jets are a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. It is a relaxing treatment that helps calm the mind and body. In addition, the massage effect of the water jets helps to relieve tension and stress over time.

    A waterjet session can help you feel more relaxed, calmer, and happier. If work or other life issues are stressing you out, this treatment can be a great way to relieve tension and anxiety.

    Relieves Muscle Pain and Tension

    Vertical water massage is known for helping with muscle pain and stiffness . If you're exercising, this type of therapy can help reduce your muscle tension and relax tight or stiff muscles, giving you quick relief. This is also great for seniors who have difficulty moving and suffer from joint pains.

    Increases Circulation in Local Areas Where Massaged

    It is excellent for circulation in shock massages, especially where jets are applied directly. Also, the increased blood flow from massage can help regenerate tired and sore muscles.

    It can benefit fitness fanatics who experience frequent muscle fatigue and soreness. It also helps workers relax and feel more energetic during long and tiring hours.

    Provides a General Sense of Well-being through Deep Relaxation

    Many people enjoy massage because it is refreshing and relaxing. It is a great way to reduce stress levels. Because water massage can deeply relax the body and mind, it can be an excellent choice for anyone seeking an overall sense of peace and well-being.

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