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SPA Jacuzzi | 221x214cm | 6 Persons | Powerful

SPA Jacuzzi | 221x214cm | 6 Persons | Powerful

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  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping All Over Turkey
  • Free Installation in Istanbul
  • Wooden Side Panels Included
  • Easy setup
  • ECOnomic Solution

*** 5 YEARS WARRANTY ! ***

Outdoor Spa Jacuzzi in the Powerful Garden | Massage Pool

Pattern: Garden

Series: Economic

Size: 221x214cm

Height: 79cm

Capacity: Max. 6 persons

Usage: Built-in or wooden cased

Warranty: 2 Years ( 15% price difference) 5 years Warranty!)

    6 person SPA jacuzzi system features:

    • 2 Powerful Hydromassage Motors and Pumps
    • 6 Deluxe Jets
    • 8 Back Jet
    • 8 Foot Jet
    • Powerful Blower Engine
    • 14 Air Jet
    • Cartridge Surface Filter
    • Massage Router
    • 2 Air Adjustment Buttons
    • FM Radio with Memory
    • Full Function Electronic Control Panel
    • Digital Thermometer
    • 1-Function Electronic Control Panel
    • Water Disinfection
    • Blower Air Intensity Setting
    • Timed Auto Stop
    • Kettle
    • 2 Underwater Spots
    • 2 Electronic Water Level Sensors
    • Manual Fill-Unload Element
    • original american acrylic plate bathtub
    • Acrylic white body + galvanized feet + wooden panel

      Technical drawing

      SPA Jacuzzi | 221x214cm | 6 Persons | Powerful Details

      Powerful SPA Massage Pool Features

      Height: 79 cm

      Material: 100% cast acrylic body + Wood panels

      Usage: Outdoor

      System Options: SPA Jacuzzi

      Type: Economic

      Figure: Rectangle

      Domestic Production

      Warranty: Acrylic 5 Years, Accessories 5 Years

      In Powerful SPA Massage Pools , acrylic plates imported from America, in different color and pattern harmonies, extremely hygienic and do not lose color over time, are used. In addition to their features such as keeping heat for a long time and absorbing sound waves, these plates also have a structure that is not fragile and is not easily scratched. Behind the acrylic plate is glass fiber and polyester reinforcement. Afterwards, the seat and base parts are subjected to a special strengthening process and the body strength that will serve you for many years has been reached.

      Unlike its counterparts, steel construction is used in Powerful SPA Massage Pools . Since elegance is kept in the foreground, it stays behind the wooden panel of the pool and is not visible. Long-lasting against corrosion as it is covered with hot galvanized. In this way, maximum usage time is ensured.

      The geyser effect blower system is at your disposal to give your body a perfect hydrotherapy. Extremely sanitary bath water is obtained with special filtration elements and is kept at the desired temperature thanks to this water heater system. Underwater lighting (chromatherapy), which you can choose in different colors, creates a perfect visual environment and adds color to your massage pleasure.

      Moreover, thanks to the electronic control panel, you can control all functions with one touch. Luxury at your fingertips…

      Carefully designed accessories complete your comfort and convenience.

      Wooden panels and other wooden accessories that add visual integrity to Powerful SPA Massage Pools and make them a harmonious part of the gardens are obtained by processing from carefully selected, water-resistant, knot-free trees. When you wish, you will have an indispensable entertainment with gazebo, stair step, bar and stools.

      In addition, the installation of Powerful Outdoor SPA Jacuzzis is very practical, concrete, mortar, dust, etc. No construction or labor required. Powerful SPA Massage Pools, which take air and water from nature and combine them with technology, are the perfect recipe after a busy and stressful day...

      Powerful SPA Massage Pool Body

      Acrylic body

      Patterned panel imported from America


      Does not lose color (does not fade)

      Keeps heat for a long time

      absorbs sound waves

      Glass fiber reinforced

      polyester reinforced

      Special reinforcement on the base and seat

      Steel construction supports

      Anti-rust, long-lasting hot galvanized coating

      Powerful SPA Massage Pool Extra Options

      Wooden gazebo

      Wooden bar + 4 stools

      Wooden step (Staircase)

      Powerful SPA Massage Pool Color

      Standard: Acrylic color is glossy white.

      Color : Original American acrylic plates are used in our patterned products (ask for stock)

      Powerful SPA Massage Pool Usage Areas


      - Garden

      - Terrace

      Usage places

      - House

      - Villa

      - bungalow

      Powerful SPA Massage Pool Installation

      * All our Powerful jacuzzi systems come ready for you. So it is very simple to install.

      Before assembly:

      - Check the dimensions of the place where you will place it by looking at the dimensions of the Powerful SPA Massage Pool.

      - During transportation, check the places that may prevent transportation.

      - The water drain is under your jacuzzi. Position your drain for water drainage.

      - Water filling will be done from under your Spa pool or from outside with a hose / faucet. Hot water replenishment will speed up the readiness of the water.

      - The floor where the SPA Jacuzzi will be installed must be flat and hard enough to support the weight.

      - Single-phase electrical installation must be ready before installation.

      - Since your Powerful SPA Massage Pool is heavy, it must be positioned with a crane (by you).


      - We do the assembly in Istanbul.

      - We do not have an assembly service outside of Istanbul. But a plumber or electrician can easily install it.

      Powerful SPA Massage Pool Transportation

      We do free shipping and assembly within Istanbul .

      Free Shipping All Over Turkey! (with wooden case)

      *It is up to you to place your SPA Jacuzzi in your place with a crane .

      Product Shipment to Countries outside Türkiye:

      Payment Methods and Discount

      Via our site:

      By using your credit card, you can use one-shot or installment options with 2,3,6,9 maturities from the payment screen with the assurance of Iyzico .


      You can do it with bank transfer and EFT at a discount (just call us ☎️)! You can do 50% for the order, the rest for the delivery within Istanbul, after sending the product photos outside of Istanbul (before shipping).

      To track your order: Please share your payment receipt via WhatsApp .

      Sending Product Money (SWIFT) from outside Türkiye:

      Benefits of Jacuzzi

      Jacuzzis make your life better, help you feel more relaxed and less stressed, and honestly, it's a lot of fun!

      Top 10 life-changing benefits of jacuzzis

      The home spa is the perfect place to unwind after a long day, unwind from the week, or entertain guests.

      1. Reduced Stress

      Stress can wreak havoc on the body. From fatigue and headaches to muscle tension and digestive issues, stress can make you feel bad. One of the best ways to de-stress after a long and hard day is to take a hot tub . The warmth of the water paired with jet massage relaxes the body while relieving stress symptoms. One of the most important benefits of jacuzzis is that they give you a boost of energy while at the same time filling your body with feelings of well-being by increasing your endorphin production.

      2. Relieves Aching Muscles

      One of the best remedies for tired, aching muscles is wet heat, especially when used in conjunction with massage. Regular hot tub use has been found to relieve muscle spasms and stiffness and cause less pain overall. This is known as a therapeutic technique called hydrotherapy, which combines the healing powers of heat, massage and buoyancy.

      3. Alleviating Symptoms of Chronic Pain

      Whatever your situation, being able to relax in your hot tub is sure to help. Studies have shown that people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and other chronic conditions can benefit immensely from a daily dip in the spa. The heat of the water and jet massage work to relieve tension while stimulating the circulation of blood to injured muscles and joints. This reduces swelling and inflammation.

      4. Increased Range of Motion

      If you suffer from limited mobility, a whirlpool tub can help. As the heat of the water accelerates the blood flow, the muscles warm up. This is the perfect time to lie down. Muscles are much more flexible when warm. Regular stretching in heated water can greatly improve your flexibility and overall mobility.

      5. Improved Sleep

      If you miss getting a solid eight hours of sleep each night, using your hot tub can help. In fact, insomnia and restless legs syndrome sufferers often report a better night's sleep after hot tub use. Experts say a bedtime routine that includes 20 minutes of rest in the hot tub can go a long way in improving your sleep quality. This is because the heat raises your temperature and the gradual drop in temperature after you get out of the tub tells your body it's time to sleep.

      6. Full Body Detoxification

      The next time you want to detox naturally, forget about juice cleanses – head to the hot tub instead. Heated water warms your blood and lymph fluid, causing it to circulate faster throughout your body. This will make you sweat and bring toxins to the surface. These toxins are then washed away with water.

      7. Boosted Immunity

      Did you know that using a jacuzzi can naturally help your body fight disease? Along with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, soaking in warm water is the best way to fend off viruses. As your blood warms up and circulates faster, white blood cells are transported to any part of the body that fights germs.

      8. Helps with Sinus Problems

      There is nothing better than steam for clogged nasal passages. Warm, moist air helps relieve sinus pressure and reduce congestion in your nasal cavity. If your jacuzzi has aromatherapy technology, using a scent of eucalyptus will also help loosen up your sinuses and get rid of mucus and phlegm.

      9. Enhanced Skin

      Regular hot tub use not only helps you detox from the inside out; It can also purify your skin from impurities. As your body temperature rises and you begin to sweat, bacteria and dirt built up during the day come to the surface. Both are washed off with water along with dead skin cells.

      10. Helps with Weight Loss

      If you want to lose a few pounds, using your hot tub can help. While relaxing at the spa doesn't burn enough calories to make a big difference, the benefits you get from regular baths can make a big difference. Relaxed muscles, better range of motion, and better quality sleep make a big difference when it's time to exercise. The better you feel, the more you can get out of your training. And because you will feel less stressed, your body will not tend to crave sugary or fatty foods.

      Jacuzzi pools are loved for more than their myriad health benefits – whether you're enjoying drinks with friends or warming up after skiing, they also offer an endless source of fun.

      Try opening your hot tub to guests during a pool party, inviting friends for a dip on a cold day, turning out the TV or projector to enjoy a movie night on the water, or playing games with the family.

      Whether you want to relieve pain, relieve stress, heal your skin, get a better night's sleep, or just have fun, the jacuzzi can do it all.

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